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Suggestions Rules

Post by devil666 on Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:46 am

These are the sets of Rules used for the Suggestion forums:

-New Members get to have 7 pages in a topic before it locks, members get 11, and top contributors get 15, Mods & Admins have a 20 page thread before it's locked.
-no flaming
-no spamming
-mods and admins have the last say
-no swearing
-no double posting
-no mini-modding
-no illegal content
-no inappropriate items
-no impersonating other members
-no harassment
-no private or personal information
-if you are an admin or mod don't abuse power without reason
-stay on topic
-Don't use TOO graphic of an avatar
-be respectful towards all members no matter the rank.
-no name calling
-no bad comments(by this i mean ones that give members low self-esteem: like YOU ARE WEAK!!!!)


Temp ban: you won't be able to post in forums for a certain amount of time.

Perm. Ban.
can't go posting on site forever(this is what mods do)
Can't post and deletion of all post you made(this is what i can do)
Welcome to Hell
Welcome to Hell

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