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These are directions on where to find things(NOTE: this is not done yet I'll finish it when i get back)

Now first off I'll explain the different Forums and their purposes:
*if you want to get to places then read the WHOLE thing it doesn't take that long to read, and right nest to the forums there will be a sticky in () to tell you what can be found in that certain Forums or you can just use Ctrl+F to find what your looking for.*

Suggestions Forums(Polls): This is where you can post what you think this forums needs to be better This forums is also where the voting(or polls) will take place.*be sure to FOLLOW the Suggestions Template that is posted at the TOP of the Suggestions Forums.(also follow the rules and READ them if you forget or if you are new here)

Off Topic Forums(Screenshots and Videos): This is where the chatting takes place double posting here and there in this forums is ok, but don't abuse this ability cause it is counted as spam which leads to banning. This is also the place to introduce yourself, and at the top there is a Screenshots thread to post your screenshots of this clan. Also this is the only forums that you can be off topic in.

Parties Forums(well...pretty obvious.): This is where if you need help from clan members post your parties that you need help in and first read the "Parties Template" posted by Lilcrazy to know how to post them in the right format, and if you didn't know what a party is it's pretty much just a group that helps farm or to have fun.

General Discussion(Welcome and Ratings): This Forums is where the news, new discoveries, and the new theories. Here you will discuss the events or theories/discoveries if you want. This forums will also contain news of new releases like the drops and such to find the info of new weapons you can look at the wiki in our clan.

Question & Answers(Where your questions can be answered): This is where you can get questions answered and after the question is answered it will be ether locked or deleted depending on what the question is and on who is locking/deleting the thread. When you post a question please follow the Question & Answers posting template.

Clan Rules & Directions(Where...the rules are...): The forums that your viewing these directions are in the Clan Rules forums. In here are the rules to ALL the forums. read this section first as to not get banned without knowing so.

Introduction:This is where you can introduce yourself and talk about stuff about you just don't give away really PERSONAL info(such as phone number and such) give out age maybe or just in-game info if you feel safer that way.

Music/Videos:This is the place where you can post vids that you want to show others players or vids that you made about clan. just remember to not have ANYTHING inappropriate otherwise you'll be banned or removed from forums.

Contest: This is the place where we have contest like story contest or guessing contest usually this will have prizes if you will but as of now we haven't really figured out what they will be in future we will give prizes to winners after we plan out what to give.
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