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Post by devil666 on Mon Dec 08, 2008 2:26 am

Welcome to the forums of the clan Mystic Enlightenment! This is actually the new forums of our site. There were 4 forums all together with this included the first didn't have an edit option so you had to delete post to move things around and re-type it. The other 2 just when we get to adding all the forums we needed like Parties, Suggestions, General Discussion, and Clan Rules it would just go offline and not work. So this is the 4th forums and so far it has proved VERY stable and efficient = ) . Well enough with the history. This is where you can discuss the info about the clan such as allies, questions you might have, and the magesforever.webs.com site in general. If you are in need of help you can use the Q&A. If you want to suggest anything that can be of help to us then please do so at the Suggestions forums also the polls will be found in the "Suggestions" forums.~devil666

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