How to post Vids/music

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How to post Vids/music

Post by devil666 on Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:57 pm

When you post a vid you DO NOT give inappropriate videos or anything that has inappropriate content in it. When posting the vid please use don't put the html of vid or music when you post please just use the link to the vid and if it's music PM me first so i can add the music html (or if the music can be found on youtube or somewhere just post the link) most likely the only reason you will PM me the html is so that you want to add the music directly onto the actual clan site or if you can't find the music on youtube or veoh or anywhere else you searched

NOTE: make sure if your using link that the site is safe and does not have anything bad like virus or anything otherwise i'll ban you(nvm i might just delete you)
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