How suggestions work

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How suggestions work

Post by lilcrazy on Sat Dec 27, 2008 4:30 am

When you post a suggestion you can not do the following things

-edit the post more than once
-edit the post completely to change the suggestion
-Double post
-Demand something to be added

This is all of which you cannot do

Easy all you do is submit your post, and a mod will edit your post and determine what he/she thinks of the suggestion. Finally when me or devil666 view the post, we will determine whether or not the suggestion will be used (when we see post though i'll not edit instead i'll just post below that post hopefully if not look a few post down(if not then i might edit post*i don't like editing other people's post now)

Remember To keep your Suggestion Detailed and Brief

Here to assist you
Here to assist you

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