Sub-Class and Divisions Art/Signatures/Avatars.

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Sub-Class and Divisions Art/Signatures/Avatars.

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:31 pm

Basically very soon the Sub-Classes shall be released, and I wanted to start making signatures.
For example, let's say the Paladin group will be called: Paladin Order right? And then the ranks for the Paladin Order will be: Warrior's Shrine, etc, etc, Elite Paladin. So we should start making Signatures like this:

Basically 500 x 100 pixels, just like on the AQ forums.

Before I start, can I get a confirmation what the "Paladin Group" will be called? And what is our full clan name anyway?

So after making the pic, the writing in the pic would look like this:

[Clan Name Initials]
Paladin Order
Elite Paladn


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