General Rules

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General Rules

Post by rosco10100 on Sat Nov 29, 2008 4:50 am

Note: these sets of Rules are used for the Party, General Discussion Off Topic, and Music/Videos, and Contest Forums

-New Members get to have 7 pages in a topic before it locks, members get 11, and top contributors get 15, Mods & Admins get a 20 page thread before it's locked.
-no flaming
-no spamming
-mods and admins have the last say (never talk back to a mod/ admin)
-no swearing
-no double posting
-no mini-modding
-no illegal content
-no inappropriate items
-one account per person
-no impersonating other members
-no harassment
-no private or personal information (do not ask for personal info.)
-if you are an admin or mod don't abuse power without reason
-stay on topic
-Don't use TOO graphic of an avatar
-be respectful towards all members no matter the rank.
-no name calling
-no bad comments(by this i mean ones that give members low self-esteem: like YOU hi!!!!)
-no spreading rumors
-make sure all your info. is correct before you post
-do not abuse possible glitches or bugs
-do not type in all caps
-do not type with t big of font
-do not use alot of smiley icons

punishments for breaking rules:

if you break the rules you will get a warning and if you break it 3 times and get 3 warnings you will get a temp. ban. if you still break the rules even after you've been warned it's perm. ban from forums

Removal From Clan:
If you still find ways to bug us with spam or swears then you will be removed from the clan.(or you can be demoted)

P.S. just so you know there will be more updates to this in the future when we can think of anything else to add Exclamation
if you have anything you think might be useful feel free to pm me


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In Addition

Post by lilcrazy on Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:08 pm

Don't think that you can cover your tracks by deleting a
offending or harmful in anyway post

We have a system in which that we can view anything and everthing a user
has done including deleted post

So just follow the rules and be safe
Here to assist you
Here to assist you

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